Interview: B Sides, Radio Play, and Immaterial Media

Check out this interview I did with Lily Clark that hit Marquix Global this week. We had a great conversation and I admit, I love this bit from the intro: 

The notion of a 'B Side' lost its treasured perch in the vernacular of modern music with the advent of the CD, then quietly retired from consideration to become a sentimental cipher of times long past in the age of immaterial media. Now it's a term understood by comparatively ancient people (anyone over thirty) to talk about rituals of the physical world that could barely be comprehended by today's youth (save in the sense of a game cartridge or the like).

OK, so I don't yet consider myself ancient, but this certainly strikes a chord for me and captures the feel I had putting tracks together for The B SidesStill, as an artist, I have to admit I'm having a ball with immaterial media and the flexibility of releases that come with it. (By the way, if you haven't picked up Born, you should do that.)

So thanks, Lily, and thanks Marquix for picking it up and posting!