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His songs dance with dreamy winks of Beatles-esque shiver; Crowded House’s Neil Finn (who remains at large); and a majestic dose of Matthew Sweet — all of these things, of course, are Very, Very Good.
— Corey Frye, Corvallis Gazette Times (Sep 22, 2011)
Gearing up for our big show Saturday, June 6 at Jimmy Mak's! We're recording some new music at 8 Ball Studios and have some behind the scenes clips to share.

Photos courtesy Pete Wright — Taken at Jimmy Mak's 2013

Fans of rock-flavored and slightly folkish pop would enjoy hearing Copeland’s hard-to-forget tunes, which he freely admits owe a lot to the stylings of Elton John, Neil Finn (of Crowded House and Split Enz) Billy Joel and, more recently John Mayer.
— Rob Cullivan, The Gresham Outlook (Jan 19, 2011)

There’s something to be said for a well-crafted pop song, and this disc is full of them ... Copeland’s voice is true and amiable, with a slight husky edge. With plentiful vocal harmonies, “Circles” is pop flavor with substance.
— The Oregonian
...the Brian Copeland Band has crafted songs on The B Sides EP that certainly have potential to snag some airtime play, as they are a very relatable brand of a Northwest pop and country fusion...Brian Copeland Band has a talent for crafting songs with relatable and understandable stories.
— - Sarah Creedican, The Portland Pick
Classic American songwriting and vocals that are at once both soulful and crisp. Honest music is the best kind, and Brian Copeland’s music is honest.
— Steve Sundholm, Producer/Engineer Hollywood, CA

Brian Copeland performs live at Jimmy Mak's. October 2013.