About Brian Copeland

Singing and strumming since the age of ten, Brian Copeland has cultivated a unique brand of catchy and lyrical guitar-pop. Born in Iowa City and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Copeland draws on a planet of inspiration ranging from a loving family and unwavering friendships to quirky Portland encounters and spectacular Cascadian scenes. Built on honest themes and experiences, his music engages a wide range of listeners from all walks of life.

Copeland current lineup features top regional talent, including Darin Wirth on bass guitar, Michael Jarmer on drums, Jeff Koch on lead guitar, and Kat Cogswell on vocals.

The evolution of Copeland’s current band can be traced back through nearly fifteen years of on-stage success and partnerships with dozens of accomplished musicians through his previous bands The Furleys and Pale Green Pants. In 2010, Copeland teamed up with world-class pianist, songwriter, and arranger Matt Burnett and award-winning engineer and producer Keith Sommers (Absinthe, Lowcraft, Phonochrome) to record “Circles,” his third full-length recording. In 2013, Copeland followed up with a 4-song EP “The B Sides” to a sold-out house at the famous Jimmy Mak’s in Portland. Anchored by reflective lyrics, powerful vocal arrangements and silky guitar hooks, the recording showcases not only superb musicianship, but Copeland’s production and songwriting chops.

...the Brian Copeland Band has crafted songs on The B Sides EP that certainly have potential to snag some airtime play, as they are a very relatable brand of a Northwest pop and country fusion...Brian Copeland Band has a talent for crafting songs with relatable and understandable stories. - Sarah Creedican, The Portland Pick

 Last year, Copeland again joined forced with Sommers to record the single “New Wave,” an catchy pop tune about positive change.

As a vetted pop musician at the center of a galaxy of accomplished musicians, Brian Copeland has built a powerhouse pop institution that remains fresh and engaging from album to album and show to show.

“His (Copeland’s) songs dance with dreamy winks of Beatles-esque shiver; Crowded House’s Neil Finn (who remains at large); and a majestic dose of Matthew Sweet — all of these things, of course, are Very, Very Good.” - Corey Frye - Corvallis Gazette Times


Brian Copeland – lead vocals, guitar
Kat Cogswell - vocals
Darin Wirth – bass guitar, vocals
Jeff Koch – lead guitar
Michael Jarmer – drums

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